Terrell Wayne a.k.a. Q in the studio

This is the gumbo session – a mix of current events, topics I’m passionate about and random ideas I’ve been working on. In this episode I talk about former Mayor Lee P. Brown, the Chapultepex Club of the Houston Y.W.C.A., Howard Law and the history behind Juneteenth.

What Juneteenth around the corner I treated this episode of the Gumbo session as a 2nd Black history month. Here in Texas, Juneteenth is a big deal and every June feels like another Black history month.

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2 thoughts on “The Gumbo Session – Juneteenth, Lee P. Brown, Chapultepex Club and Charles Law

  1. I really like the show gumbo it gave me a variety of more things to think about that are going on so that was really nice getting to know the information about Mayor Brown was very informative I really didn’t know that much about him but he was a great Mayor for Houston

    1. Awesome I’m glad you liked it- yea the gumbo session is definitely a mixture of topics and interest. Soon, I want to start opening it up to my listeners and followers. Yea, Mayor Brown has an interesting story.

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