Midnight Navy is a producer, saxophonist, and singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. His musical style ranges from psychedelic alternative to bedroom pop and synth wave with elements of lo-fi hip-hop. His unique musical lens draws from his Mexican heritage, along with his love for pop culture and feel good melodies.

Born and raised by Mexican parents in Corpus Christi, Texas, Midnight Navy is driven by everyday novelties, cultures, landscapes, and people. At the age of 14, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he continued developing his musical taste. With those experiences, his affinity for music grew drastically as he taught himself to produce and sing on his own records. After a few years of experimenting with different sounds and musical ideologies, the moniker ‘Midnight Navy’ was created in late 2016. Two years later, Midnight Navy’s self-titled EP was released as a deep dive into his new experiences moving back to his home state of Texas.

Please get in touch with Midnight Navy at midnightnavymgmt@gmail.com for booking, interviews, or promotional opportunities.

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