IG: @rabbisensei ; Video available at https://youtu.be/NHuAidoJcfQ

William Wright aka Rabbisensei was raised on the Southwest side of Houston, TX. A graduate of Morehouse College, his mother and father immersed him in the world of music at an early age. He played in the band in middle and High school and then went to play in College. He taught himself guitar and is continuing to learn piano. He recently started chop and screwing music. Also, rabbisensei is a amateur audio engineer. He has been teaching himself to use the Digital Audio Workstation Fruity Loops Studio and has been recording himself and song writing. His inspiration towards music is from his bro who is pushing to start his own label, YZ beatz and Jimi Hendrix. Rabbisensei is a part of the Music Group My Brothers Keeper 713. This group consists of talented and on the rise artists who are multi skilled. Rabbisensei made his debut stage performance with Richie Mike performing his single “Rockstar”.

Show 1,002 is a talk show geared around the issues of daily life that matters to all regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, political identity, education, socio-economic status or orientation. We talk about the issues that unites us as human beings. This show’s purpose is to stimulate one’s mind. At the end of the show each listener will say to themselves….

“Hmmm…I never thought about it like that.”

Show1002.com ; IG: @ChrisLegier


Music by: Idyll Green ; https://soundcloud.com/idyll-green

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