Q, Big X and Bethany Rose

Big X is a Houston-born aspiring rapper who was raised in Maryland due to some parental situations. He adopts a speed rap style which he affirms to be inspired by Chamillionaire and Joyner Lucas. Notably, both rappers have a distinct reputation for their speedy way of rapping and Big X seems to draw his rap energy from this.

Big X stresses that most people usually liken speed to profanity as most contemporary rap songs sound that way. He intends to go against the rap tide by making his raps profane-free, and this certainly sounds unconventional as most people will consider this a difficult stunt to pull.

However, he’s quite emphatic about not indulging in the profane way of rapping as he wishes to prove to his siblings that he can succeed at rap without indulging in profanity. He is certainly poised for battle against the conventional rap style.

Big X is an advent believer in commitment and discipline as he intends to show friends and family that anything is achievable as long as one can stay dedicated enough to achieve his/her goals. With Big X, anything is quite achievable; this has inevitably kept friends and family in expectant moods as they anticipate his hit song.

Written by: Emily Rand, Big X and Q


Music by: Idyll Green

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