Here’s the story, a photographer posted on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum last month explaining why she deleted photos from a wedding. Apparently, the photographer was refused a 20 minute break and a plate of food by the bridal party. What you should know is that she is a friend of the newlyweds, was originally scheduled to attend the wedding as a guest but switched to a photographer when asked to step in when they were short. She agreed and guess how much she decided to charge them, $250.00 for about 7 hours of work. 👀 What a deal, right?!?! Well, things didn’t go as planned. According to Newsweek, when the photographer approached the newlyweds about taking a break and grabbing a bit to eat at the venue she was refused and given an ultimatum by the couple. “Either be the photographer or not!” Well you already know what she decided – was she wrong?

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