Lovecraft Country – Why all black people should watch it!!!

Lovecraft Country – Why all black people should watch it!!!

Spoiler alert!

Whhhaaattt? This is Afro-Futurism at it’s finest from graphics, detailed production to a compelling storyline HBO’s hit series ‘Lovecraft Country’ is a must see!

There is something to say about period pieces that draws me into the interplay between the characters and this show doesn’t let you down. What’s not to love is a better question. I’m not sure if the decor or wardrobe does it for me but I like forward to themed parties. The production value and set design is spectacular and come award season this show should be raking them in.

Fans of horror this is your show! Monsters, gore, drama and of course suspense abound in this show. If your are a fan of Nightmare on Elm Street, Resident Evil and other popular horror films or shows then this has your name on it.

Another reason to watch Lovecraft Country is the interweaving of historical events throughout the storyline. The story is set in the 1950’s and deals with police brutality, white rage and more. Emmett Till’s story takes center stage in episode 8 and successfully sums up black disgust, anger and emotions that were felt as a result of the incident. We see this personified in the character Diana who seems to have the biggest reaction to that event.

The HBO hit series touches on themes of love, family, homophobia, misogyny and of course Afro-futurism. Atticus, played by Jonathan Majors, and his father Montrose, played by Michael K. Williams, struggle to mend their relationship throughout the show. Atticus tries to reconcile his father’s abusive behavior while subsequently coming to grips with his father’s secret – Montrose is gay. The viewer wonders will this divide the two or bring them together but as the story unfolds we witness them fight to understand each other and they do as the season finale illustrates. I personally am glad they reconciled their differences as they not only went through too much to be at odds with each other but they also had too much on the line to allow that to divide them.

Lovecraft Country is a must watch show that you are missing out on. It’s still available on HBO Max and if you don’t have a subscription ask a friend 😉

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New episode dropping soon reviewing the show in greater detail!

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