Going live tonight… 7:30 pm cst

Going live tonight… 7:30 pm cst – Meet Jai Bailey of B. Doo Designs

Let's talk with B. Doo Designs Owner and Chief Design Steward

Let’s talk with B. Doo Designs Owner and Chief Design Steward

Jai Bailey – a Native Houstonian, Owner and Creator of B. Doo Designs, custom bag and tote line. MBA graduate of Prairie View A&M and full-time HR Analyst within the Oil and Sector where I have been for the last 13 years. I bring over 20 years in Human Resources and recently launched my first business venture last year during the global pandemic. I am a mother of one son, Tyler, a sister to 2, and a friend to many.

Live tonight on Instagram @7minuteswithq


Author: The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

Black American or a African-American, began in this country as a diminished experience. We were 3/5ths of a human. Subjugated, denied education, denied having family and only given the scraps. Here comes jazz, in order to learn how to play music Black folks had to learn by ear, from watching other people perform and from knowledge passed down. That’s Bootleg Like Jazz.

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