Coming up… My thoughts on reparations

Coming up… My thoughts on reparations

Coming soon – I’m going to share my thoughts on reparations for the Black Community. What are your thoughts? Full episode coming tonight at: !!!

Musings about commercial radio

Musings about commercial radio

Yesterday Charlamagne Tha God Co-Host of the Breakfast Club went on to say “Today is not a win. If Biden wins, this is not a win. If Trump wins, this is not a win. […] Today is not a win. If Biden wins, this is not a win. If Trump wins, this is not a win. […] Black people have to continue to work towards justice.” This is a semi-direct quote but trust me he said it and I was dialed in to here it.

Now, don’t get me wrong he isn’t twisted the Host of Donkey of the Day is touching on something important but I think he’s off. For me I’m a man first. Being Black comes after and some may argue I’m a child of God first and foremost but they all reveal one thing – intersectionality. My destiny in justice is tied to justice for others. If Biden wins, it’s a win for me as a human but also a Black man – and yes I’m aware of many of the Biden/Harris bullshit, lies and blunders. But, gave the current state of affairs, I simply trust the devil I know. I guess in the way others can reject racist rhetoric, legislation and corruption all for the sake of power.

I believe a Biden presidency won’t be perfect but we will get answers to these questions: Will there be an end to the muslim ban, some support for DACA recipients and a better response to COVID-19? As a Black man I wonder how many Black folks are impacted by the muslim ban. What are the stories of Black DACA recipients?

These are just the tip of the icebergs in regards to the advantages of a Biden presidency. While I ride for the Black Community we can’t figure that we can do this alone. I look forward to a future where the democrats get their shit together or Black folks and Others fight for change and investment such as really putting money and work behind a third party candidate. These are my thoughts. Leave a comment below whether good, bad or ugly.

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