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New episodes added daily

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Johnny Solis and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast
Johnny Solis and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

Did you miss it? Student Loan Repayment

Did you miss it?
We talked about forgiving student loans you might want to check it out!

No worries you can check out the full episode here:

Here is a peek of what we discussed and as always leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

Should there be a partial or full forgiveness? What about I don’t have kids so why do I have to pay for schools? What do you think about showing moderation maybe $5,000 – $10,000? Are you pessimistic? Do you think there should be some sort of national service, non-violent, caveat? Write it below! 😉 Enjoy…


Student Loan Debt : To forgive ou pas?

Student Debt : To forgive ou pas?

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Gobble Gobble Gobble! Am I boring you alright enough I’ll get to the point.

With the newly elected incoming executive administration, more and more Americans are having conversations about a host of progressive ideas and topics ranging from racial injustice, immigration to climate change and we’re barely touching the surface. Student loan forgiveness is on the lips of folks too. A simple search online can drag up many articles and conversations about it. Heck, has an email marketing campaign about it so one wonders is this really going to happen.

Here are a few points to think about:

1) Let’s say if legislation works in the favor of the Democrats and a bill is passed and implemented if the opposition tries to overturn it similar to the Affordable Care Act they might get shut down. Why well look at the fight to overturn the ACA they recently got rejected because it more or less is working and millions of people have are enrolled. You can’t just take it from them.

2) Should the push be for a partial payment given the current economic situation or a full gesture? If there is a partial payment then people might get frustrated remembering how the other companies and industries were bailed in the past few decades including in 2020 and that reality could negatively impact the Left moving forward. We also have to remember that many CEO’s and others walked away with golden parachutes during severe economic downturns. This angered many Americans and we still see it happening today. It always baffles me how none of these multi-million and billion dollar companies do not have any backup cash or “savings”! Hey Man, where is your 6 months of savings?!?!

3) Another interesting idea to consider is does this come with a stipulation? Caveat? Condition? Some service that is none military such as public defenders, teachers, volunteer healthcare workers or something artistic too. Like maybe communication or media related work for non-profits, governmental entities and private.

Look, I don’t have the answers and I’m just an average grade of weed in the dispensary but student loan forgiveness needs to be discussed, our elected officials need to move forward with this and we must hold them accountable.

Leave us comment below whether good bad or ugly and tell us what you think – use the #sevenmwq!!!

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