Summer is coming!!! Haha Haha Haha yea baby and what better to enjoy summer than a concert especially in July. The 24ht will be a day you don’t want to miss Lil Keke and Paul Wall will take the stage in Pasadena, TX delivering an unforgettable show. Matt Salazar, the Founder, spent time as a basketball missionary in Belgium for two summers, labored as a full-time father to emotionally and mentally disturbed boys at a group home in Lubbock, TX when he was in his early twenties and studied political science at The University of Houston – Go COOGS!!! During my time working for a government contractor out of college and I continued my professional development in investment opportunities and landed on residential real estate for a couple of years. During COVID and after multiple surgeries I found myself wanting to do more with my life then chase money and decided to organize my own non-profit and currently operate it. I developed The FarWell Foundation with the intent to end homelessness in Pasadena, TX then move forward and outward from there. As a husband to Lindsay and father to our newborn son Everett Achilles, I have had a renewed determination to execute an environment that is both fun and impactful!!! What?!?! 😉

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