Trailer – My thoughts on Christianity …

Trailer – My thoughts on Christianity …

Here are some of my thoughts on legalism in the context of religion and faith. What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below, like and/or reshare!!! ⚡️


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#TBT: A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

#ThrowBackThursday: A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

Happy Friday Eve!!! You made it haha… Nice, listen click the video below and watch my thoughts on the Underdogs leveling up. I critique a video from YouTube that talked about black history, economics and choices using a focus group of Black Americans. Leave a comment below if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe.


Here’s what you missed…

Here’s what you missed…

Meet Peter R. Dowdy – We talk Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cryptocurrency and Card Games

Meet Peter R. Dowdy – We talk Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cryptocurrency and Card Games

In our society, whether we like to admit it or not, it’s almost impossible to become a member of the 1%. Unless you’ve had generational wealth, a brilliant idea (remember that for reference later), or you are a star athlete. And even then, you’ll still face challenges of being accepted into the ‘secret society.’ So as a young black American, sorry to say, our choices are limited, and sometimes they possibly drive us to do the unthinkable. As a high school freshman, I knew I was destined to change the world in a major way but didn’t know how. With entrepreneurial inspiration always around, I had pretty much no excuse of how to make something out of nothing. But where to start? Around this time of the early 2000s, my only venture was bootleg CDs. I knew that wasn’t going to make me millions unless I was selling my OWN music, which at the time, I wasn’t. All I did was play games, but with the games I played, it wasn’t going to make me a millionaire. I loved playing Monopoly, but as others played to understand the philosophy of the real estate and purchasing within the game, I focused on the concept of how the money was made and its function. Think about it! Here we were playing an intense game making fictional purchases of land and businesses and NO ONE was questioning the fact that we were playing with money that we couldn’t use anywhere else. This was made up money and it had a use! Fuck everything else about Monopoly. THAT, that was the key part. It had a use. It wasn’t the normal money we used, but my God, it had a use.

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Trailer – What is Qoinship?

Trailer – What do you know about Qoinship?

Peter Dowdy, founder of Qoinship, joins us this week to discuss his newest business venture. Cryptocurrency is slated to change the financial landscape for decades to come or longer. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography offering clients anonymity – which is what we all want. This week a Bitcoin ETF hit the NYSE for the first time ever. This is big news and great news for investors in Bitcoin specifically. If you want to know more, click the link below and learn about an emerging crypto business.

Coming this week – Peter Roshan

Coming this week – Peter Roshan aka @picturemepedro

We will talk about his mission to create 1 million millionaires, his new card game titled “Stereotypes” and more. Go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss anything new!

Meet Ahngelea Bright

Meet Ahngelea Bright

Tax-Keeping By AC specializes in virtual bookkeeping and tax services by providing small businesses insightful knowledge to increase growth and profitability.

Here’s an excerpt from her Instagram page, “One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make is not keeping track of all their business expenses.

Not being knowledgeable about all the legitimate business tax deductions can cost you thousands.

Having a strategy is key!


Operating expenses including web hosting, marketing and equipment.


Catch up on what you missed

Catch up on what you missed

Trailer – Common business deductions with Ahngelea Bright

Trailer – Common business deductions with Ahngelea Bright

Certified Public Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer Ahngelea Bright stops by and shares his wisdom for maximizing your financial goals. The numbers wizard gives her opinion of business expenses, healthcare and long term investment planning. More can be found here:

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Operating expenses

Operating expenses include web hosting, marketing, paraphernalia and studio costs.


Trailer Alert : Highway Vodka

Ben Williams is the owner and co-founder of Highway Vodka, Texas’ first hemp seed vodka and the first Black-owned distillery in Texas.

Williams’ foray into the hospitality sector eventually sparked an interest in the world of spirits. Seven years of experimental distilling led to the launch of Highway Vodka — Texas’ first hemp seed vodka. After launching commercially in 2019, Williams has led the company through robust expansion, with his Houston-based distillery now distributing product throughout the state of Texas with forthcoming distribution into Georgia, California, Florida and beyond.

Catch us a snippet of our conversation below – FULL EPISODE DROPS TOMORROW AT 7 PM CST HERE 🔥🔥🔥

Vol. Summer | Chunk Up The Deuce – Lil Keke and Paul Wall | A convo with Founder Matt Salazar

Vol. Summer | Chunk Up The Deuce – Lil Keke and Paul Wall

Summer is coming!!! Haha Haha Haha yea baby and what better to enjoy summer than a concert especially in July. The 24ht will be a day you don’t want to miss Lil Keke and Paul Wall will take the stage in Pasadena, TX delivering an unforgettable show. Matt Salazar, the Founder, spent time as a basketball missionary in Belgium for two summers, labored as a full-time father to emotionally and mentally disturbed boys at a group home in Lubbock, TX when he was in his early twenties and studied political science at The University of Houston – Go COOGS!!! During my time working for a government contractor out of college and I continued my professional development in investment opportunities and landed on residential real estate for a couple of years. During COVID and after multiple surgeries I found myself wanting to do more with my life then chase money and decided to organize my own non-profit and currently operate it. I developed The FarWell Foundation with the intent to end homelessness in Pasadena, TX then move forward and outward from there. As a husband to Lindsay and father to our newborn son Everett Achilles, I have had a renewed determination to execute an environment that is both fun and impactful!!! What?!?! 😉

Let’s catch up!!!

Let’s catch up!!!

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