Trailer Alert – French Phrase Of The Week – Je Vais Manger…

Trailer Alert – French Phrase Of The Week – Je Vais Manger…

Je Vais Manger… The “Je Vais” sentence structure is extremely important for anyone wanting to learn French. You will use the expression so much that’s not even funny. Click below to find out more. Full episode dropping this week so go ahead and follow us so that you don’t miss the latest from us 🔥🔥🔥

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The French Version of Santa Claus 

French Version of Santa Claus

Did you know that Santa Claus is “Le père noël” in #french… Here’s a phonetic way of pronouncing the phrase “luh pear no L” 😁 It looks funny but this happens to be an easy way to pronounce Santa Claus sort of similar to the way les françaises say lol. That was a little frenchglish! Stay tuned for more holiday phrases in french.

Here’s what you missed…

Here’s what you missed…

#TBT: A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

#ThrowBackThursday: A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

Happy Friday Eve!!! You made it haha… Nice, listen click the video below and watch my thoughts on the Underdogs leveling up. I critique a video from YouTube that talked about black history, economics and choices using a focus group of Black Americans. Leave a comment below if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe.

French phrase of the day – Voulez Vous…

French phrase of the day – Voulez Vous…

“Voulez vous” literally means “would you like to, do you want to, want to” in French. You will also hear the singular or everyday use as “tu veux, veux-tu, bref” which means the same thing “would you like to, do you want to, want to” in French. Tune in Thursday at 7 pm here on and you’ll hear how it sounds. Don’t forget to subscribe go ahead and enter your email so you can stay up to date with the latest from The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast 🔥⚡️🔥

Here’s what you missed

Here’s what you missed…

Throwback Thursday – Student Loan Forgiveness

The Biden administration is expected to extend payment pause for student loan borrowers through August 2022. This would be the sixth extension of the pandemic-era relief policy staying loan payments for the tens of millions of Americans with student debt. Check out the episode for more…

Trailer: Must see places in Amsterdam

Trailer: Must see places in Amsterdam

I know the pandemic has paused a lot of our international travel plans but things are starting to change. Have you ever traveled to Amsterdam? Ever wanted to? Let’s talk! Full episode drops tonight at 7 pm c.s.t.

Going live – Traveling through Amsterdam

Going live – Traveling through Amsterdam

Yea you don’t want to miss this!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I’ll give you info on museums, restaurants, vibes and more. Don’t worry I’m definitely going to talk about the red light district, coffeeshops and popular venues.

It’s going down at 7 pm c.s.t on Instagram @7MinutesWithQ

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