Here’s what you missed…

Here’s what you missed…


Trailer – What is Qoinship?

Trailer – What do you know about Qoinship?

Peter Dowdy, founder of Qoinship, joins us this week to discuss his newest business venture. Cryptocurrency is slated to change the financial landscape for decades to come or longer. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography offering clients anonymity – which is what we all want. This week a Bitcoin ETF hit the NYSE for the first time ever. This is big news and great news for investors in Bitcoin specifically. If you want to know more, click the link below and learn about an emerging crypto business.

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday – Coming up a conversation with Cultural Journalist Indhira Suero

Coming up a conversation with Cultural Journalist from The Dominican Republic Indhira Suero right here on The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast.

Indhira Suero is a cultural journalist, columnist, broadcaster, press analyst and university professor. She is also the creator of the Negrita Come Coco, a character that promotes popular Dominican culture through social networks. Check out her website here:

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New episode – How to describe yourself in French using Je Suis

🚨 New episode – How to describe yourself in French 🚨

Yes you read that correctly I do speak French and I’m going to teach you how to do it yourself. New videos will come out every other week so twice a month and this is not meant to be a virtual classroom so if that is what you’re looking for then look somewhere else haha

So this video is going to talk about Je suis which means I am or I’m in French. You pronounce it like “zhuh swee” it’s a really easy phrase to say. The cool thing is that you can use those two words to describe yourself in so many ways it’s unreal. Use the website and try to describe yourself in 7 different ways. Leave a comment below and show us what you can do!!! Enjoy 🔥 ⚡️ 🇫🇷

Genesis Evans on Bootleg Like Jazz discussing New York fashion week, Entrepreneur life and her Garifuna roots

Genesis Evans on Bootleg Like Jazz discussing NY fashion week, her Garifuna roots and Afro-Latinidad

Genesis Evans and Q at Cuchara Restaurant

Genesis Evans was born in New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Houston, TX. She was crowned Ms. Honduras Houston and as a result has participated in multiple pageants. In October 2017 she was crowned Miss Teen Turismo Model Universe and in 2018 Genesis represented Honduras at Miss Lumiere International World in Singapore and Malaysia.

Genesis Evans, Q at Cuchara Restaurant

In 2019, Genesis directed and organized the first Miss Raices Fashion Show in Houston to fundraise for an orphanage in Honduras. Although Genesis was born in the United States, her maternal and paternal grandparents originated from Garifuna communities in Honduras. She is the owner of Genesis Modeling Agency where she coaches and directs other models.

Cuchara restaurant
View from the front door.
Setting up #entrepreneurlife
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