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Je vais manger…

I want to go eat. I’m going to eat. I’m gonna eat. “Je vais” is a fascinating sentence structure in French which is often used to express a desire to do something. You can use it to talk about the future whether in the next second or any moment beyond. Sorry I got very grammar nerdy but fuck it sometimes it’s cool. Yes, you can substitutes “manger” for any verb you want or any action want. For example, I’m going to bed, I’m going to work, and I’m going could be said as, “Je vais au lit, Je vais au boulot, Je vais sortir” in that order. The “JE” has a “jhuh” sound almost like pronouncing the beginning of “junk”. “Vais” can be said as, “Vay/Vae/Vai” like way but with a “v”. “Manger” is pronounced as “Man-jay”. “Au” = o, “Lit” = Lee, “Boulot” = boo-low, “Sortir” = Sore-tear… There you go – Enjoy!!!

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Global African Diaspora

We discuss the origins of a popular black anime series and more…

Happy 2021!!! Happy New Year!!!

In this episode of 7 Minutes with Q meet Fayida Jailler Founder and Influencer at @FreedmonIsMineOfficial on Instagram, Educator on global African Diaspora and Traveler.

Audio of Fayida and Q
Video of Fayida and Q

With a focus on Latin America Fayida shares her knowledge on the impact of the people kissed by the sun throughout the Americas from Cuba, Mexico and beyond to places that are more nuanced like Russia, Pakistan, India and beyond.

In this vignette we explore the history behind a popular anime series titled Afro Samurai which is currently available on streaming services, examples of police brutality throughout the diaspora and finish with insightful need to know’s.

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Genesis Evans on Bootleg Like Jazz discussing New York fashion week, Entrepreneur life and her Garifuna roots

Genesis Evans on Bootleg Like Jazz discussing NY fashion week, her Garifuna roots and Afro-Latinidad

Genesis Evans and Q at Cuchara Restaurant

Genesis Evans was born in New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Houston, TX. She was crowned Ms. Honduras Houston and as a result has participated in multiple pageants. In October 2017 she was crowned Miss Teen Turismo Model Universe and in 2018 Genesis represented Honduras at Miss Lumiere International World in Singapore and Malaysia.

Genesis Evans, Q at Cuchara Restaurant

In 2019, Genesis directed and organized the first Miss Raices Fashion Show in Houston to fundraise for an orphanage in Honduras. Although Genesis was born in the United States, her maternal and paternal grandparents originated from Garifuna communities in Honduras. She is the owner of Genesis Modeling Agency where she coaches and directs other models.

Cuchara restaurant
View from the front door.
Setting up #entrepreneurlife

Gumbo Session Part 2 – Cultural nuisance, French lessons and thoughts on travel

Gumbo Session Part 2 – Cultural nuisance, French lessons and thoughts on travel


Cultural nuisance is my description of the conversation between race vs. ethnicity. Why do we use race? Why not ethnicity? Which one reflects our collective cultural identity?

Listen to Gumbo Session Part 2 and dive in with Terrell Wayne as he discusses his thoughts on the topic. Race is as American as baseball, hot dogs and white privilege. Race is an American construct created to oppress and convince the world that black is sub-human. Ethnicity promotes labeling people based on culture, customs and habits.

Traveler vs. Tourist mentality is a school of thought adopted by many people who live, study and travel abroad. Valuing cultural capital over pomp and hype, a Travelers mentality aims to invest in true exchanges amongst foreign cultures. Travelers benefit from authentic cuisine from the stoves of locals, experiences in spaces that are relevant to the natives and a different perspective.

Music by: Idyll Green

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