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Did you miss it? – Actor and Recording Artist Justin P. Slaughter stops by you don’t want to miss it!!!

Discussion with successful Actor and Recording Artist Justin P. Slaughter

Justin P. Slaughter is an American actor and Recording artist known for 90 Feet From Home (2019). He is also a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of “JSlaughterFITNESS”. Not only is he a Personal Trainer but he’s also a Fitness Model, Prep Coach for Bodybuilding Athletes. Justin is also a Voiceover Actor and Song Writer; his debut single is entitled “Oh (Move Ya Body)” Produced by Vinny D.

Justin P. Slaughter and Q on 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

Global African Diaspora

We discuss the origins of a popular black anime series and more…

Happy 2021!!! Happy New Year!!!

In this episode of 7 Minutes with Q meet Fayida Jailler Founder and Influencer at @FreedmonIsMineOfficial on Instagram, Educator on global African Diaspora and Traveler.

Audio of Fayida and Q
Video of Fayida and Q

With a focus on Latin America Fayida shares her knowledge on the impact of the people kissed by the sun throughout the Americas from Cuba, Mexico and beyond to places that are more nuanced like Russia, Pakistan, India and beyond.

In this vignette we explore the history behind a popular anime series titled Afro Samurai which is currently available on streaming services, examples of police brutality throughout the diaspora and finish with insightful need to know’s.

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