A conversation about Conscious Education with Salandra Grice

A conversation about Conscious Education with Salandra Grice

Salandra Grice is a teacher-educator, the author of the book The Conscious Educator: Becoming Culturally Responsive Teachers and Schools, and the founder of Conscious Education Consulting, LLC. Conscious Education Consulting is a professional development provider for teachers and schools in culturally responsive, equity-based, and anti-racist/anti-bias teaching practices. Specializing in upsetting inequity in education, Conscious Education Consulting works with K-12 educators across the country to ensure they can create more positive and equitable learning experiences which embrace, empower, educate, and include, every student, every day!

A fierce and unapologetic advocate for equity in schools, Salandra wears many hats and collaborates with other educators and equity advocates in their pursuit of justice in education. She is one of the co-founders of the Color CodED Community, the host of The Conscious Educator podcast, an Associate Editor for The Lighthouse Almanac, a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University, an emerging scholar with publications in peer-reviewed journals, and a soon-to-be two-time published author with the release of her much-anticipated second book Embrace, Empower, Educate, and Include: Four Principles of Equity for Conscious Educators and Schools coming at the end of 2021. However, her greatest joy comes from being the mother of two beautiful and phenomenal Black children, Layla and Cam, who challenge her to be the best version of herself each and every day. 

Salandra Grice and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast
Salandra Grice and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast


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show 1002 and the 7 minutes with q podcast
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Justin P. Slaughter is an American actor and Recording artist known for 90 Feet From Home (2019). He is also a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of “JSlaughterFITNESS”. Not only is he a Personal Trainer but he’s also a Fitness Model, Prep Coach for Bodybuilding Athletes. Justin is also a Voiceover Actor and Song Writer; his debut single is entitled “Oh (Move Ya Body)” Produced by Vinny D.

Justin P. Slaughter and Q on 7 Minutes With Q Podcast
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