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Bootleg Like Jazz – A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

In this latest installment of Bootleg Like Jazz, Q critiques the web series hosted by Anthony ONeal. Offering a perspective built on anthropological rhetoric, current events and a wealth of knowledge, BLLJ delivers compelling insights on the state of black culture, financial independence and combating social injustice. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications!!!

Director of Photography: Alex Q of Bold Media

Music by: Matthew Hartnett from the album Southern Comfort “No Patience” and “Thursday Night”.

Recorded at The Barron Collective in Houston, TX.

Upcoming: Q discusses wealth, entrepreneurship and looking rich vs. being rich

Videography by: Bold Media (Alex Q) recorded at Barron Collective Houston, TX. Music by Matthew Hartnett.

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Videography by: Bold Media (Alex Q) recorded at Barron Collective Houston, TX. Music by Matthew Hartnett

NYE 2019 recap

A little bit of what I did during NYE 2019… Big shoutout to @danceafrikana for the support and if you haven’t been to @matchouston then you’re missing out!!! #bootleglikejazz #emcee #independentartist #bllj #dance #caribbean #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #panafrican #dashiki 📸 @alexqbd @danceafrikana

Q from @bootleglikejazz 📸 Alex Q

Raúl Orlando Edwards and Latin Week Houston 2020 – 25 years of performances, productions and community engagement

This interview was conducted on the Nuestra Palabra show at KPFT Houston studios on December 24, 2019.

Founded by Panamanian-Jamaican artist, Raul Orlando Edwards, Latin Week Houston is the result of over 25 years of performances, productions and community engagement. A journey that began in 1993, Raul has always understood the power the arts have in bringing communities together, in raising awareness on issues, and in transforming lives in a positive way. The City of Houston’s growth in population continues to attract people from around the world which has earned it the designation as “Most Diverse City”. Though an honorable distinction, many areas of the arts do not reflect this fact, especially when looking at Latin American arts presentations. The latter, almost exclusively focuses on the European influences with very little regard to the other major areas that are part of the culture. It is accurate to say that Latin American culture is not Latin American without the Indigenous, the European, the Gypsy and the African. For so long, little or no attention has been given to the undeniable influence Indigenous and African contributions have had in the shaping of the arts, culture and lifestyle in Latin America. This lack of representation was one of the factors that inspired Latin Week Houston. Another factor in the artist’s vision was the fact that though the City of Houston ranks in the top five most populated cities in the country, it did not have an event that strongly and permanently presented the convergence of cultures, music and traditions in one event. Our mission is simple: showcase all influences with dignity and respect while preserving Latin American arts for years to come. From the traditional to current trends, Latin Week Houston’s incredible roster of artists seeks to expose the City of Houston and beyond, with the beauty, the passion and the exuberant energy contained in the many influences that contributed in making Latin American arts what they are today.

Looking for something to do for NYE 2019 in Houston?

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Check out my interview with Lindsay Gary from Dance Afrikana

Latinas Rising presents LatinaCon – Discussions on Mental Health, Latinx Identity and Women’s issues

In this series of #Afro-LatinHTX, Host Q talks with Tasha and Edna from Latinas Rising about their upcoming conference “LatinaCon”. Latinas Rising is an organization focused on creating social change in the Latinx community. Latinas Rising is excited to host the 1st annual LatinaCon November 9, 2019 in Houston, Texas. Their theme is “The Era of the Latina”. LatinaCon 2019 is a gathering of powerful women bringing awareness, education, and advocacy to current topics affecting Latinx women

LatinaCon 2019 : Interview coming with the Founders of Latinas Rising

Latinas Rising is an organization focused creating social change in the Latinx community. We seek to educate and advocate on a variety of social justice topics such as, Latinx mental health, violence against women, education, and civic engagement. We believe all Latinx stories are important and we choose to celebrate Latinas working, “boots on the ground.” 

Latinas Rising is excited to host the 1st annual LatinaCon November 9th, 2019 in Houston, Texas. Our theme is “The Era of the Latina.” LatinCon 2019 is a gathering of powerful women bringing awareness, education, and advocacy to current topics affecting Latinx women. Our goal is to bring women together to empower them through workshops and panel discussions that are socially relevant, dynamic, and inspiring 

LatinaCon will have panels addressing topics ranging from Advocacy and Law, Afro-Latina Identity, Latinx Mental Health, and Latinas in Education. LatinaCon will also have an auction and a vendor/business floor. 

For additional information, vendor/sponsor information and location updates: latinasrisinginfo@gmail.com

Lindsay Gary: The Re-education Project, Dance Afrikana and the Afrikanah Book Club

Lindsay Gary, MPA, MA is a PhD candidate in Africology and African American Studies, a professor of History, writer, speaker, and choreographer. She is an alumna of Texas Southern University and the University of Houston and the founder/board president of The Re-Education Project, founder/artistic director of Dance Afrikana, LLC, and founder/curator of Afrikanah Book Club.

@bootleglikejazz and @fleur_de_linds

Letrece G talks “The G Code: 15 keys to successful marketing and branding”, LLC chit chat and pop culture references

Letrece has always been a true writer at heart. During her adolescence she began creating and editing a monthly newsletter that highlighted community events and creative writing. Letrece became illustrious by being a published author in her early teens with her poems appearing in several national poetry anthologies. Her writing expertise became more prevalent during her college years, where several of her articles and essays became required readings for a Sociology course at Loyola University New Orleans.

Bootleg Like Jazz | Bethany Rose | Singer Songwriter and Piano Player

Bethany Rose is a fast-rising Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and piano player. One unique feature about Bethany is that she composes and sings in both English and Spanish. She draws her inspiration from R&B and gospel music as she grew up listening to some key singers in that regard. Bethany gives her music a distinct blend by adding elements of Latin instrumentation and jazz.

Climbing the ladder of her career, Bethany has performed alongside notable artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Leo Dan, Yolanda Adams, Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige, Guy Sebastian, Amber Riley, Jessica Sanchez, Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Mann, Jordan Smith, and a host of others. She has indulged in a number of vocal recordings as a contributory artist in musical acts such as Childish Gambino’s “Awaken My Love” and TV shows such as “Army Wives” and “Glee”.

In her recent musical involvement, she teamed up with Ivan Castro who is a Los Angeles based producer to revamp her original R&B song, “Goodbye” by creating the salsa version. The revamping of this song has given it some soulful features coupled with a modern feel. The “Goodbye” song was originally released in December, 2018 as it was available for worldwide distribution. Bethany plans a release of her debut EP Album which will be due for release in 2019.

Written by: Emily Rand, Bethany Rose and Q

Bootleg Like Jazz: Big X – Houston’s Speed Rapper


Q, Big X and Bethany Rose

Big X is a Houston-born aspiring rapper who was raised in Maryland due to some parental situations. He adopts a speed rap style which he affirms to be inspired by Chamillionaire and Joyner Lucas. Notably, both rappers have a distinct reputation for their speedy way of rapping and Big X seems to draw his rap energy from this.

Big X stresses that most people usually liken speed to profanity as most contemporary rap songs sound that way. He intends to go against the rap tide by making his raps profane-free, and this certainly sounds unconventional as most people will consider this a difficult stunt to pull.

However, he’s quite emphatic about not indulging in the profane way of rapping as he wishes to prove to his siblings that he can succeed at rap without indulging in profanity. He is certainly poised for battle against the conventional rap style.

Big X is an advent believer in commitment and discipline as he intends to show friends and family that anything is achievable as long as one can stay dedicated enough to achieve his/her goals. With Big X, anything is quite achievable; this has inevitably kept friends and family in expectant moods as they anticipate his hit song.

Written by: Emily Rand, Big X and Q


Music by: Idyll Green