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Bootleg Like Jazz – A critique on wealth, social justice and looking rich vs. actually being rich

In this latest installment of Bootleg Like Jazz, Q critiques the web series hosted by Anthony ONeal. Offering a perspective built on anthropological rhetoric, current events and a wealth of knowledge, BLLJ delivers compelling insights on the state of black culture, financial independence and combating social injustice. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications!!!

Director of Photography: Alex Q of Bold Media

Music by: Matthew Hartnett from the album Southern Comfort “No Patience” and “Thursday Night”.

Recorded at The Barron Collective in Houston, TX.

@Banke_The_Author Poet, Dancer and Educator and Chris Legier from Show1002 Why are fast food restaurants out of stuff?

Head over to Bootleg Like Jazz on YouTube and check out the video! It’s a vibe! @banke_the_author

Banke Awopetu is an author, poet, dancer and educator. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in Drama and African/American Studies and a master’s in education. She uses her work on the page, stage and classroom to inspire and heal.

IG: @BankeTheAuthor

Chris Legier, show1002.com , the universal truth

Show 1,002 is a talk show geared around the issues of daily life that matters to all regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, political identity, education, socio-economic status or orientation. We talk about the issues that unites us as human beings. This show’s purpose is to stimulate one’s mind. At the end of the show each listener will say to themselves….

“Hmmm…I never thought about it like that.”

Chris Legier

Website: Show1002.com

IG: @ChrisLegier

Music by: Idyll Green : https://soundcloud.com/idyll-green