Here’s what you missed…

Here’s what you missed…


Self-Care Checklist

Self-Care Checklist

I know I need a reminder every now and again. 🤪 But this is what I have to say…

“If WHAT you’re creating, contributing, and capitalizing on has any purpose to solve a problem then individuals are going to want to have you around.” – Q

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🚨 New Post Alert ðŸš¨

🚨 New Post Alert 🚨

Here is a snippet from a practice session I had improvising the chord progression for “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” by Bobby “Blue” Bland. The song uses Am7, Bm7, Dm7, C, F, FMaj7, Em7, and different variations on the previous list – if you’re interested. Remember, this is a practice session and I’m an Artist and I’m…

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Q practicing to a song from Bobby Bland
Q practicing to a song from Bobby Bland

Catch up this weekend…

Catch up this weekend…

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What if social justice, economic equality, and dismantling corruption never happen?

🚨 New episode alert 🚨 What if social justice, economic equality, and dismantling corruption never happen?

People say “Nobody owes you anything” but I add “Nobody owes you anything especially treating you right.” What do you think? Here are my ideas below remember I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit (Erykah Badu). If these stories resonate with you like, subscribe, and reshare.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie

Here’s an oldie but a goodie

Happy Labor Day!!! I pulled this one from the vault and it’s definitely a goodie. If you like conversations about jazz, blues, bands and songs that make you feel good click below. I discuss my influences, genres I prefer and other gems you might not know about me. Hey if you like coming to this channel please consider subscribing and resharing 🔥

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