Check out my conversation with @Jha.Allen Digital Marketing Specialist

Check out my conversation with @Jha.Allen Digital Marketing Specialist

The importance of digital marketing and community

Jha Allen is skilled in various aspects of digital marketing and specializes in marketing strategy, web design, social media, content creation, and online automation. She and her team have over 10 years of marketing and brand experience and have worked within various industries’ niches. Jha Allen LLC is a brand composed of two variables: Our Digital Community Management Company that helps seasoned entrepreneurs and established small businesses grow their online presence using proven marketing and branding strategies and Connections HTX our social organization and the heart of the company. We provide networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, and the resources needed to excel in their business and personal life. Our goal is to help small businesses develop their online brand identity, build an online brand presence and generate sales.


Author: The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

Black American or a African-American, began in this country as a diminished experience. We were 3/5ths of a human. Subjugated, denied education, denied having family and only given the scraps. Here comes jazz, in order to learn how to play music Black folks had to learn by ear, from watching other people perform and from knowledge passed down. That’s Bootleg Like Jazz.

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