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Trailer – Did you know that October is considered Creole Culture Month?

Trailer – Did you know that October is considered Creole Culture Month?

I didn’t either. What about you? Glen from the Houston Afro-Creole Music Festival joins us to discuss this topic and so much more. The Houston Afro-Creole Music Festival (HACMF) is an LLC, incorporated in the state of Texas. They organize festivals and events which showcase cultures and genres of music from around the world. HACMF focus on the Creole aspect of the music and culture, but, invite other cultures to participate. It is their belief that there is much to learn when culture is shared. If these stories resonate with you, like, follow, reshare and leave us a comment below.

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Here’s what you missed | Brief intro to new Tx gun law

Here’s what you missed

Did you miss it? No worries you can catch up here. We spoke with Daniel Hunt Owner of Last Option Defense and discussed the new changes coming September 1, 2021 about the so called “Permitless/Constitutional” carry law. Texans will be able to purchase, possess and carry a weapon without training. For more click below and don’t forget to subscribe and reshare!!!

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