Happy MLK Day!!!

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr meant to me…

I don’t know when Dr. King became important to me but he has for sure had a tremendous impact on me. I remember exploring his writings about non-violent civic engagement/disobedience. Listen, being a guy who at times goes against the grain, I naturally gravitated to this philosophy and definitely romanticized the civil rights era. During those times of personal development I leaned heavily into the speeches, writings, themes and events that shaped this period of time. Some days I’d read and listen to whole speeches for leisure. Being a podcaster it should come as no surprise that I am a fan of his voice. Man I could listen to him for hours. Well, as the day comes to a close let’s not forget the reason for the holiday – “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – MLK

Here is what Dr. King means to me:


Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday – Keep Showing Up 🔥

These are three simple words that are often the hardest to execute. It could be fear, doubt, procrastination or will that can keep us from completing milestones. I don’t know about you but I’d rather stumble and stick with it then lose all the progress I’ve made. Choice is yourz 🔥

RYVE Motivational Calendar

A Destress to do list is something we all need!

A Destress to do list is something we all need!

A Destress to do list is something we all need! Try to incorporate a few things from this list and let me know how feel about them. The world has been in such a disarray and turmoil lately, we all could use a few coping mechanisms. Save this post, send it to a friend!

Going live… Meet Araceli Avionn

Going live… Meet Araceli Avionn

🚨 Going live tonight at 7 pm c.s.t. on Instagram @7minuteswithq 🚨

Araceli Avionn is a motivated leader who mentors, coaches, and empowers others to create and obtain goals in their personal and professional lives. Her mission is to “Engage, Excite, Empower” others by utilizing her personal skillset and life lessons to reach greater heights in education and leadership. Araceli earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston, a Master of Business Administration from The Institute of Florida Technology and a Certification of Professional in Human Resources from HR Certification Institute. Upon graduating from the University of Houston in 2009, Araceli began her career managing in retail logistics distribution, relocating to Nashville, Tennessee for one year and ultimately find her way back to Houston to build her career in leadership.  While balancing a career and motherhood, she has transitioned into senior leadership roles within the Logistics and Manufacturing field.  Her love and passion for leading, teaching and mentoring helped to guide her to a path of following her dream of becoming an Adjunct Professor for the University of Houston Downtown.

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